Mission Statement

To Contend for the Apostolic Message

To teach truth; to teach the Bible as the inspired Word of God.

To contend for the Oneness of God. There is no trinity, but there is only one God.

To exalt the name of Jesus, for Jesus is the almighty God manifested in flesh.

To baptize only in "Jesus' name"; Acts 2:38 is the only plan of salvation.

To preach receiving the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, as the new birth experience.

To Unify All Apostolic Saints in Sarasota Into One Church

To be THE Church in Sarasota; God intended there to be only one true church.

To work together in unity. We need each other. We are a family - one family.

To uphold the highest principles of integrity and ethics.

To be part of the United Pentecostal Church International.

To Assemble for Worship and Fellowship

To work together in large rallies, in branch congregations, and in small group houses meetings.

To make the House of the Lord a House of Prayer, a center for miracles, deliverance and salvation.

To have the most exciting services in town with worship that is spiritual and dynamic.

To preach with anointing and power.

To Evangelize the Lost

To carry out our Lord's Great Commission to preach the gospel to every person.

To seek and to save the sinners; to witness; to testify, by personal soulwinning and mass evangelism.

To reach every soul in Sarasota, every race language, class and ethnic culture..

To reach those in false religions; any and all non- apostolic churches need to accept the truth.

To support missionaries throughout the whole world.

To Teach and Disciple Converts

To train; educate; to grow and amture; to develop a biblical worldview.

To overcome sin, to promote holiness, purity, morality, Godly living, separation from the world.

To be like Jesus, to promote a Christian lifestyle, including modesty in dress.

To Provide Opportunities for Ministry

To Fulfill the Eternal Purpose of God, to get everyone involved.

To equip saints to serve and minister to others, using our various gifts, talents, abilities.

To provide ministries for Children, Youth, Ladies, Men, and other groups.

To love, help, support and encourage each other.


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The Pentecostals of Sarasota
  February 2018  
This Week's Events


Family Bible Study Service
7:00 PM
Bible study service- Prayer 30 minutes before service begins.


7:00 PM
Youth Service @ POS Church.


HOPE Service
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
This service is aimed toward our friends in the homeless community. We feed their spirits and souls with a lunch for their physical bodies afterward.
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